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*Panel eight* Totally the wrong thing to say there, Claire.

As somebody who also tends to wield the power to say the wrong thing, I can now say “OUCH”

Good thing is Sesame looks more iritated than pissed.
No lose theeth just yet

Sesame is too exhausted to argue/fight with her. She doesn’t always solve things with her fists, but when that doesn’t work she tends to use her fists.

I agree, but Sesame may be assuming Clare can fight. After all, Sesame lives in a world and in a time where violence is common and those incapable of violence are dead.

Unless Clare has abilities not shown so far (and contradicted in her profile), she is no match even for an injured and exhausted Sesame.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kibbles (without her magic) is a better fighter than Clare.

Clare has yet to reveal her strength(es) to Kibbles and Sesame, but she is certainly exposing her faults.

Sesame accually looked cute in that second to last panal.
Aw kibble looks up to sesame how childish and kawai!

Sesame may have a fan, but it looks like Clair is gaining a foe real fast.

Clair is sure proving her social ineptitude and she has some idea of role playing games, especially fantasy RPGs.

Clair looks be be suffering badly from foot-in-mouth disease. If she doesn’t gain some perspective, she may get foot-to-mouth disease (Sesame’s foot, her mouth).

Kibbles is proving her good heart.

with the last panel…insert possible lesbian joke here.

sesame’s name remind me sesame street ^^^
and the sesame bread! (i don’t know if it’s called like that! i’m french and in french we say “pain au sΓ©same”)

oui, on peux dire sesame bread. C’est biens comme ca. Tu viens d’ou?

je vient de lyon!

oh wow. je viens d’Edmonton, une ville en Canada

Oops, sword missing in the last two panels there. Just wanted to point it out.

Erm, Claire, you really might want to keep in mind that the person you are talking about just punted your pod out of site. Also, why are you in such a rush to get back? You’ve got a space-time machine! To quote The Doctor: “you can go anywhere, anywhen, and be back in time for tea.” You’ve got all the time in the world!

Claire is a brilliant inventor and engineer, but she is lacking in other mental capacity areas. In short, she does alot of stupid things for being a genius. Also she gets stuck on things, like wanting to show up those jerkfaces at the science convention – but no worries, her problems will soon be shifting to other more pressing matters.

Ya know the best thing about Alex besides her awesome personality is that she shows how much you guys’ve developed in visualizing things since the original comic. πŸ™‚
Every page she was on so far had extra motion and was more dynamic already and I just love things like that. Okay on this page her head spin looks a bit more like a head daze, but HEY “ear infection”. πŸ˜€

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