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so I’m not saying anyone is over reacting or anything, but surely Joel knows that there is a gallows set up in the middle of town specifically for the purpose of hanging “sodomites”. i mean SURELY anyone that lives there would have SOME awareness of something like that, especially someone that might be considered one of the “sodomites” in question.

Yeah, when you have to lie, you have to keep your head cool, cuz’ more lies makes it all the more complicated. Just like right now.
Kylar’s digging a hole for himself deeper and deeper. Joel may understand why he’s acting like that, but he certainly does not approve.

and this is is why i hate religious fundamentalists. they always look at different ways of life and say “HERESY! BURN THEM” and i really fucking hate that. they just want EVERYONE to be the fucking same and boring as fuck. it also makes life a living hell for those who have different lives but don’t want to show it. it’s pretty hard to do that

To be fair it has almost nothing to do with religion. It’s just the most convenient excuse for the abusers, and a means of which to force others who otherwise would be totally tolerant to side with them. Most people see the line in their holy book of choice talking about not being gay or something and just ignore it because it’s the sensible thing, and hating gays goes against the other 99% of the book (in most religions) except that one line.

I think we can agree that assholes who manipulate others and hurt people for small-minded hatreds and fears don’t deserve to have society or access to community and should be isolated so as not to cause others harm.

Oh neat, I believe I see a MissMab, SkiddDog, and Ron cameo in addition to a Mary Ann tiger cameo.
Man, there is some relationship tension between those two. Serioulsy, I haven’t seen someone sweat, act rude, and act cool like that towards/against someone in a long time here.

Dangit Joel. Sure, get drunk, give away the fact you’re a sodomite. Force Kylar to have to choose you or living/his career and family and life and friends and people who respect him and look up to him and want to be like him. He’s cute but I kinna wanna slap the otter boy right now.

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