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Oooh, new font! It looks real nice, gives off a kind of fantasy vibe. And I gotta say, the forest background here looks stellar!

Okay, first off, that’s an interesting font style you picked there. I must confess that I rather enjoyed the original font, as this one looks rather italics. But hey, whatever works.

I must give props to both of you though as the background is simply amazing. I almost didn’t catch the lizard and bird in the second panel there. In addition, I rather enjoy Sesame and Farron’s interactions here as it does show how these two get along like brothers and sisters would. Also, it does showcase Farron’s survival skills.

Rock-Scar Rock-Scar said: โ†‘
There’s no escaping fate, Sesame: you are destined to eat your greens. :blushSesame: :gleeFarron:
I can foresee Sesame battling vegetable and fruit monsters. It’s bound to happen eventually.

I recently found this comic and I started reading it from the beginning. (The natural thing to do if you want to understand what’s going on, right? LOL.) Anyway, I noticed in your comment on Comic #131 that you did it for an assignment at SCAD. You went to the Savannah College of Art and Design? Wow! I live about 70 miles south of there. I’m always impressed when I see an artist who either lives near where I live or went to school near me. It just reminds me of what a small world we really live in.

Hehe, yes indeed I did! In fact, my other Katbox comic Peter & Whitney ( actually takes place at SCAD. Whitney and I both loved that school, and the city. Savannah is a beautiful place.

I’m glad you like(d) Savannah and you’re right. It’s a very beautiful city. I live in Brunswick (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it.). The old town part of Brunswick is as beautiful as Savannah. If I had been a better artist, I might have gone to SCAD myself. I like to say tht I can only draw stick figures and I don’t do them very well. LOL. I’ve met a woman who went to SCAD. (I just can’t remember her name. I just know that she’s an artist.)

I’ve bookmarked “Peter & Whitney”. I’m going to read it as soon as I get caught up with where you are with “Peter & Company”. Right now, I’m only about 100 pages behind but, I’m reading 10 pages a day. So, I should be caught up soon. I look forward to seeing what happens to Peter after he graduates from high school.

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