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Awesome, although if I could make a recommendation you might want to continue the comic only when you have a secure schedule to update it regularly

The problem with that is that i work with a newspaper. So depending in what the current news is i may not have time. Elections, political stuff, manifestations and all that stuff. Some are rather unpredictable like when the leader of a drug cartel dies.

Pssh, a little sunburn on your arm? Ive had swords, bullets, fangs, knifes, sporks, glass, and mutch, mutch worse than that boy!……. Then again i do have super healing, but thats not the point!

Yay! An update!
Having had my share of severe sunburns, I can sympathize with what happened to you. I have also worked for a newspaper, so I can relate there as well. Best of luck to you and update the comic when you are able, I’m a patient reader.;-)
Ps: 3 Chins totally deserved it.

Wow. Were you working on print or web? In my case i am the second to last link in the chain of web publication which can only start working when the printed part if finished. So i usually end up getting the short end of the stick when it come to coworkers delivering their part late. ^^U

averncri lives, i am so sorry to hear about your problems, and i reallly hope that you arm heals{how did i miss this update and you explanation as to where you been} and after checking the first color page of tina, i have to say love it but i really want tina back in black and white it fit the way the atmosphere is with westerns stories,but you are the artist and its your story so i cant say no you cant do that!{ i even voted on black and white}

Oh yes, you can help science by burning to a crisp in a nuclear reactor… I REALLY don’t like where this is going… -_-

Also WHY do these guys always have to name their stuff like and uptight snob? Those are just magnetic cuffs, CHILL OUT already! … AFTER you’re done being a pretty strict military organization bent on dominating all and possibly killing a lot of people in Our World that is. πŸ˜›

Thi see foreshadows so much. Jill and company are probably fairing better then Pete but not by much. It’s gonna be VERY interesting on how Jill and Arts sister will reply to what their skills are. One thing that’s hands down for sure is that Arts sister is going to stay with him or at least land in the same department he will be sent to. You guys agree?

I’m that weight question was more like “how much can you carry?” since lifting is considerably different than carrying, just saying… For example, I can hold and carry about 25 kg in/under both arms but can lift like… *does math* a dead lift, without moving it around of about 100 kg.

I’m loving everything about this page, especially Sesame’s expression in panel 4 and Mason coming back! <3 I'm relieved she wasn't trapped in that nightmare/future vision too long, I'd be afraid to go to sleep again. I also like how the eyes on her arm are the same colour as her irises. Exciting stuff!

Nightmare Claire looks awesome, though I prefer the pretty Claire, haha! So it was all a “nightmare” after all? I still think it has to be a vision of the future, that “juncture” I believe was still very real… and still something they might encounter… Though the one thing that perplexes me is why is the Uber on Sesame’s arm still the way it was in the nightmare/vision thing? It could be that it’s trying to adapt to her biology, or it somehow became “corrupted,” which can’t be good. Perhaps Winsley could shed some light on this? I’m excited to find out!

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