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So yeah, cutting that arm off looking better by the minute

Hey maybe she can get a robot arm from Claire?

Claire seems, I want to say pissed. But, by her fur color meaning she’s an older version, and by her rage. I’d say something happened in the past to the point where she hates Sesame’s guts.

I looked more closely at Claire and her eye color has gone from blue to gray. You might be right about the “Older version” of Claire yet, the change of the color of her eyes doesn’t seem right does it?

I don’t think it’s an older Claire but more of a combination of Sesames guilt and the hurt that Claire has had ever since. In other words, this is a side of Claire that blames her. Like everyone has those thoughts and feelings they keep to themselves
Only Sesame gsts to see it from everyone since Claire won’t be the only one to appear, Kibbles feeling untrustworthy and so on. They’re not real but what they think or feel is. Sesame needs to pacify these Encounters in order to escape.
BTW I see Dagabah from Star Wars and Force Unleashed II, a bit of Bleach, Evongelion, Another, and last, Kingdom Hearts too. But that’s me.

Don’t you just hate it when different reallities colliding result in horrifiying imagery and being seen as responsible for some kind of possible world ending event?? ^^;

Do find it intrigueing tough. It raises questions to the nature of the reality they occupy and the role of the ubers which are obviously way more then just a bunch of trinkets.

Man this webcomic got really dark the last few pages <.<

Yep. And just think, it started off like any RPG adventure

Remember that when we started this comic… we had NO idea what to do with it. We didn’t have a single page written.. But it’s developed a lot since then.

And, just like that, the WDF-o-meter imploded and took what was left of my rational thought with it.

In other news

So this is like a multiverse nexus. But, Claire’s presence… is it possible that she and/or her father/some version of them created all of this?

In what I would dub “the crucifix” panel, Sesame seems to be underground with roots either growing into her or growing out of her (maybe both). Perhaps this means that she is the root of cause of a chain of events that has now been set into motion or has even been repeating.

Claire being there could represent a problem trying to be solved, that is what scientists do best?, and she is frustrated at Sesame because she is the root cause of a problem that she cant seem to solve, perhaps a paradox of sorts.

Interesting… I feel like I’m repeating myself by saying this, but I always thought that Claire was the one in the center of it all. All the events that happened so far are because of her on one level or another. But, what if… it’s not just her, but both of them? Like two peaces of the grand universal puzzle. Two people, polar opposites, forever at odds, canceling each other out. Like by some sort of balance.

And everything here. That’s just a visual interpretation. Her mind cannot comprehend what she’s seeing, so it’s compensating. But that still wouldn’t explain why is it futuristic pods, and not some arcane, middle-ages stuff… Maybe a hybrid of visual interpretation and reality around it? And the fact that there are others in pods… like Kylar with his robotic leg…

My brain hurts now…

well then how about this curve ball, what if this Claire sent the Claire WE know back in time herself to do something. After all our Claire said herself that pod had never done that before in past testing, so what if this is simply time being manipulated from an outside source to try and achieve some type of outcome.

Outside manipulation was a guess I had, but I was thinking a wizard did it or something. From what I originally thought, Claire being there and then looks more like some sort of… temporal fixation or something. Something that must always happen. And, judging by everything here, it does, it is, it will be and it has been happening for a long time. And, maybe that’s what this Claire wants to solve/fix? To break that cycle.

This looks a lot like that one scene at the end of The Name of the Doctor, where Clara jumps into the Doctor’s timeline. Many Doctors, many Claras… I’m starting to think that Stephan Moffat had something to do with all of this…

Well, this escalated quickly in the “what the heck” is going on here! O_O

And to think that this all originally started as a parody on RPG and roleplaying. Now, it’s turn into something very intriguing. From the looks of it, I’m getting the whole government or secret, experimental lab facility vibe like in the Assassin Creed Franchise, which would mean that these Ubers are like Pieces of Eden and that all these variations of Sesame’s are ancestors across one plain of existence or across multiple universes. By that logic, that would mean that Claire has some means of self-inserting herself into these realities for firsthand experience to find something. As for the red eyes and black hands, I’m getting the whole Bill Cipher vibe from Gravity Falls. That third to last panel reminds me of Jesus Christ on the cross with a rose crown I saw back in Germany.

I think I know what’s going on, the Uber is showing Sesame the inside of Claire’s subconscious. While Claire is a genius, she lacks social skills, this is probably how her subconscious is able to deal with others, by putting them in “tubes” but analyzing each on at a time, each Sesame that we see is Claire’s subconscious trying to analyze her in a way that Claire’s waking mind is able to understand and also show’s how Claire feels about Sesame.

In the page before the last one, we see Sesame following Claire, which might be her going into Claire’s mind, she’s also in Evyr wearing the same underwear she’s currently in. The last page has her opening up a door from the chamber, but notice that when she comes out, she’s dry, so she’s not waking up from a virtual reality. But we see all sorts of Sesames, there’s a male one which may be Claire thinking that Sesame isn’t very lady like, there’s two Sesame’s that looks like warriors in this and the previous page, symbolizing that she thinks Sesame is a strong and good fighter, but ere’s also some disturbing imagery. The previous page has a mutilated Sesame, while this one has one with her eyes sown shut and another that’s disemboweled and crucified, this would be a form of wish fulfillment, Claire being angry at Sesame, thinking how she’s blind and won’t see things from Claire’s point of view, she wants to hurt Sesame and possibly even kill her. This can be solidified with Claire blaming Sesame and choking her in the final panel as it is Sesame’s fault that Claire is stuck in Evyr without Proto.

The Uber telling Sesame that this place being a juncture, how she’s been there many times before, how roots run deep and what one existence is to the next along with fragile minds, could be a cryptic way of explaination as to how Claire’s mind works. Sesame is the root cause of Claire being stuck in Evyr, because of that Sesame is constantly on Claire’s mind and each version of Sesame we see is a different existence that Claire is trying to put her in, resulting in Sesame going through the “juncture” or Claire’s consciousness to her subconscious in a way to validate what Sesame is to Claire. Claire has a fragile mind, we’ve see her freak out, we’ve seen her not being able to cope with stress which is probably due to her parents constantly fighting.

The Uber is probably showing Sesame all this because it knows that for whatever is down the road that they’re going to face, Sesame is going to need Claire by her side and with the way things are going between them, Claire may just back stab or at least abandon Sesame altogether when Claire gets her pod and Proto back. So the Uber wants Sesame to understand Claire and get on better terms with her so that Claire doesn’t abandon Sesame when she’ll need her the most.

You may be thinking that Claire wouldn’t abandon Sesame, but Claire still isn’t really on good terms with her, she’s being civil but we haven’t seen what’s been going on inside her head, until now. If this is Claire’s subconscious then we’re getting a really good look at how she sees Sesame.

Of course the only thing that makes this theory fall apart is Kylar is in one of the tubes and they haven’t even run into him yet, unless it’s an error on the writer and artist’s part by including him in it.

Okay, this webcomic just hit a high number on the WTF real quick and it’ll probably rise as we go on further with the story and this nightmare sequence.

As much I could theorize, I do see how that old fox that’s wringing Sesame’s neck would resemble an older and seemingly much rage-enduced Claire. Now this other part might come from the last page, but I think what happened is that Sesame wasn’t able to take control of her Uber and thus it led to some sort killing or war path on her part, which not only had her kill thousands and thousands of people (from which I can assume that Valmont would be glad of), but literally had her friends killed as well, except Claire.

Claire survived while Sesame could presumably have died from the Uber’s control. Claire then thought that she might’ve some sort of cloning thing back at her own time, so she (and probably Proto) did their best and fixed the time machine to go back to their present, which was the future. At some point after that, Claire managed to successfully clone her friends and slowly bring them back to life. If you’re going to ask how she did so, well, she might’ve brought their corpses back to her time period. Thought, Sesame’s body was very difficult to replicate because of the Uber’s effect on her DNA and thus resulting in many of the failures.

While researching, Claire discovers several timelines where Sesame was meant to destroy and killing everything but in turn will be killed herself. The fox slowly loses hope for her friend and slowly tried to blame the grief on Sesame herself. As time went by, Claire sees that the rest of her friends still hasn’t woken up and felt herself getting much older, but still with a little bit of determination while still holding contempt and hatred for Sesame.

Alright, this is so intriguing it’s beyond just being a comic, and I gotta say, the facial expressions on sesame convey the most best emotional feelings of any comic I’ve read so far. You guys really know your art. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I suspect that the Ubers are some sort of nexus point within reality, a place where all the multiversal variations touch upon one another, and Sesame is a part of that nexus as well. Claire is present as a mobile entity because she crossed the nexus when her pod malfunctioned, and her consciousness affected the structure of the nexus, resulting in the more futuristic imagery for which Sesame would have no actual reference or experience with.. it’s also possible that she is part of the nexus as well, and that the ‘malfunction’ of her pod was orchestrated by the Ubers to bring her to some sort of convergence that they need in order to accomplish whatever goal they have, one of the ‘seeds that was sown’ just like Sesame. Following this, the other characters in tubes are possibly also part of this nexus convergence, but have yet to directly interact with the nexus itself the way that Claire and Sesame have.

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