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Panel 3: How can something so evil be so ridiculously cute?!

I, for one, bow down to our new cute necromancer fruit bat overlord.

Panel Three is so giving me the Senpai-vibe! Seriously, he’s just so cute!

Also, is it me or does Valmont like to teleport/blink all around? That…might not be the best thing in the world if he can blink to various rooms in a castle, like the facilities when someone else in there.

But in all due seriousness, I don’t see what Valmont got out of all this. If anything it only put the kingdom on notice of his activities. I wonder…is he hoping that those kingdoms gather together as a united front against him and thus reveal their Ubers? Or is he just plain batty? XD

One of my only complaints about this series is the lack of real tension. By that I mean, sofar the protagonists have beat up, robbed, framed for arson/murder, seperated, and probably more; yet they have not had any real lasting consequences. In my opinion, if the “good guys” don’t lose anything from a loss the plot loses all suspense. Victory becomes a given. The best way to add actual danger is, end a character arc in the most definate way possible. So I’m saying we need more blood. Not a side character, no no-name red shirts Diego just to prove this new baddie I serious business, but a real, developed character undergoing an untimely departure from the realm of the living. Just my thoughts.

Hey thanks for the input! I agree with you on some points, where potential tension was dissolved due to needing to move the story along. We are still learning, however we are too listening to our readers and trying to evolve the story with some of the feedback we get. We do have very tense high stakes in upcoming pages! We will try to make sure things aren’t so easily resolved.We appreciate you reading and adding in critique, hopefully UberQuest will become even more awesome as time goes on. ๐Ÿ˜€

Y’know, I’ve been thinking, maybe Drayven sent Kylar to that location to draw Valmont out, He might’ve known that Valmont would retaliate and put pressure on the King to find the other Ubers. Then once they are all gathered, that’s when Drayven would make his move, he said to Kylar that he would make their country great again and I’m pretty sure he said he would do whatever it takes.

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