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Bad day for everyone :/
Except for that rouge (Dante was it?)

I know what should happen now. Epic quest to recover the Pod and Proto!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand cue this music:

Methinks she needs a stiff drink.

That woman needs a whole bar(inn?) not just one “stiff drink”

Good point.

you called boss??

So let me get this straight, she only knows that ‘someone’ was in there after she kicked it….and she’s ok with that? She apparently didn’t see Proto in there and now thinks that that someone was a real person, and yet she doesn’t care that she potentially killed it? Nice job protagonist, one of the worst ones yet.

You must be misunderstanding the comic to a grand degree to make that assumption. You should also note, just because she isn’t bursting into tears and groveling that doesn’t mean she isn’t sorry for her actions.Not all characters react the same to stress. The whole point of this encounter and her actions will stretch the entire length of this comic so it isn’t for nothing. Proto is a robot in a giant-metal-container build to transverse extreme conditions – traveling a great length by a kick isn’t as hard on the machine as traveling in time.

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