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Valmont is of the polite lawful evil sect of villainy? That’s a surprise to me.

Wouldn’t lawful evil bebmore along the lines of Darth Vader?

First panel, dat pose. Valmont is simply f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! Best necromancer, 11/10 – gamespot review.

So… it’s either his family or helping a necromancer… This could be where we find out if the King is just an old, power-crazed maniac or if he actually cares.

Then again… if that fruit bat kills the king, and his testament would be lost, the throne would go to Drayven, correct? If so, Valmont would have someone who is supposedly driven by compassion and would be more likely to do as he says if his family was threatened. Would make sense… a very sick sort of sense…

Panel #1 is completely priceless. Valmont looks absolutely adorable and hilarious swinging around on that chandelier. Seriously, he should so steal that.

And can the Uber’s really manipulate the mind like that? Is that why Valmont like that or is it due to the fact that he’s always been like that but was hiding it through his charisma? It would be interesting to see some more backstory on Valmont.

It’s a Bluff. The house divided cannot stand. If Valmont could really destroy everything that Drayven holds dear, then that means he would already have the resources to get the Uber’s himself. Seeing as he needs Drayven’s help, he definitely doesn’t have the resources, time, or luxury to go hunting for ancient artifacts AND piss off a whole royal family.

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