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Wait a minute…hold the phone here. Is it possible that Kylar never really spoke to the Prince? Did Valmont disguise himself as the Prince and then sent Kylar out on a mission he thought he couldn’t win? Or was it someone else disguised as the Prince? Or is the Prince himself the leader of this revolution?

Well he certainly does not like his dad. Maybe he had a reason to send scouts to Valmonts territory.

Kylar and his squad were sent there by Drayven to find someone who went missing. It was omitted who this person exactly is. There was no talk about any Ubers though. Valmont probably assumed they were in search of his Uber. (Or the missing person is/was carrying the Uber (like Sesame), or he/she IS the Uber. If such a thing exists.)


Horcruxes? Don’t see a connection here, you’ll have to elaborate on your theory there.
So far we know little what the Ubers are. But they appear to be sentient to some degree. Considering how Sesame’s Scarf protected her from burning debris the day Akai Islands fell. And Farron’s eye now attached to her arm.
So far, they all appear to have a protective function.

…and the Severance made sure to get Valmont involved. Sending the Prince that letter, getting Kylar to cross paths with the Necromancer’s beast and, now, instilling more conflict. Ah, to be megalomaniac that’s holding all the cards, manipulating the false pretenses of a flawed society only to watch it crumble… ‘twould be amazing :3

And how did Joel react to hearing those things about his Coon?

Batty bat is girl or boy? got so tiny boobs if a girl.

HA, hoh my god, I love Valmont’s posture in panel 3, it’s so theatrical. Interesting idea that he might have disguised himself as the Prince, but I think it actually WAS the Prince. Drayven seems diligent and smooth, but he’s definitely a sketchy character; it certainly seems like he’s wiling to go to great lengths to prove himself a worthy leader, even if that means lying. Looking back at the pages starting at Cordial Meal, Drayven almost immediately gets defensive about being trusted and having faith in his capabilities. Then when his Dad questions him about the secret mission, he gets all smiley and plays innocent. And now look at how nervous he is and is still trying to hide the truth by blaming it on someone else. I smell a guilty conscience!! Or maybe that’s what they want us to think and it all actually was Valmont’s plan.. I guess we’ll see!

King Alphonse: That is it Drayven, you vicious bastard. I’ve warned you time and time again. Well now youre going to get it. I’m going to give you a damn good THRASHING….. (goes out, grabs tree branch, and proceeds to hit Drayven with it)

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