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And then he stole the food at the table put his elbows on the fine dining cloth and refused to wipe his feet. In all seriousness, the king is in a lot of trouble and may well die.

So, did he copy her form? Or possess her? Is she ok?

If ok, did he restrain her somewhere, so there was no chance both would arrive?

Possibly he was just feigning to appear as her in order to get in the castle.
How his undead goons managed to get in without any of the guards seeing is beyond me.

Those goons were escorts for the ‘princess’ in the previous page.

Were they? Or were they genuine palace guards guarding the dining room prior to this?

Depends on whether they could be killed and turned into skeletal revenants in so short a period.
But i’m just observing the way it appears in the previous page, plus royalty would rarely go anywhere without their own loyal entourage, or at least token bodyguards.

True, I suppose. But Valmont doesnt strike me as someone who would really need guards, given his apparent power. Besides, I think the idea that he can just turn the king’s men into…whatever those are, and use them against him, makes Valmont that much more badass.

Valmont is literally batshit and might be crazy too xD

On the plus side, if the king dies then his body will not only provide a good distraction for Drayven and his family to escape but we’ll also have one douche bag out of the way. I don’t care what kind of atrocities you might push with necromancy, Valmont, just kill the king we’ll be satisfied with your presence.

And hopefully you’ll summon a tentacle monster ๐Ÿ™‚

I honestly did not see this coming. Well done. You’re catching me by surprise like Game of Thrones season 6

I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

NOONE sees LORD VALMONT coming!!!

I literally did a spit take and pissed and shat myself!

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