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A wild member of nobility appears.

Hmm… Judging from her hair, the fact that she’s that species and the size of dat rack, I’ll assume that Lady Aradelle is somehow related to Kibbles.

In other news: Joel has successfully weaponized cuteness. Seriously. I’ll need to steal that otter for otter cuddling purposes.

In the first panel you wrote “insisting to converge” when you should have said “insisting to converse”

I can see the confusion, but we were using converge as in to meet up instead of converse as in to talk.Essentially either use will still be relevant to what the guard is trying to get across – at least as far as google is telling me.

All in agreement of her being Kibbles’ mom say aye!

Aye! Methinks poor Kibella is going to be in some serious trouble. ^^;

I never watched I Love Lucy, but in any case: (ala Ricky Ricardo) KIBBLES! YOU GOT SOME ‘SPLAININ TO DO!

fun fact: Ricky Ricardo has never actually said that line in the show


I knew at some point we’d know of Kibbles’ origins as some of royal family member…

Now my theory is coming together.

Also, why does this Lady Aradelle remind me of Yuna…

Do I detect that Skidd is a fan of Final Fantasy X?

I had a thought about how character interactions will progress within the story earlier this week; has anyone else written here in the forums about the possibility of Prince Drayven and Kibbles courting? I had that thought before reading this page late Thursday night. With the possibility that the new character may be a parent or relative of Kibbles being of nobility and access to the court, I ponder even more.

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