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Okay, so no “She died and now the story is horrible.” plot twist? Good… that’s good. ๐Ÿ™‚
But still, look at Alex. I’d just wanna hug and comfort the poor thing so much. ๐Ÿ™ … Or you know, even more than usual. ๐Ÿ˜›

So yeah about that whole cooperation thing… WHY? I get why they aren’t jumping at their throats with their still sharp wild animal fangs, but why isn’t ANYONE at least ASKING anything? >_<"

Now we see Jills dark side and hatred for Alex. I hope it’s not at a point where her hate might get Alex killed, but after seeing this now, I now worry. The others are now afraid of her for they never see Jill like this. Do you guys think Alex will survive Jills hate and do you think the others will fear Jill? Let me know.

It would seem Jill’s emotions are fueled by fear and uncertainty right now. Maybe some of her lost memory is starting to return? As I said, I just think Jill is afraid and views Alex as the reason for all this. Jill’s not a violent person, though she’s kind of anti-social. Alex’s personality mixes with Jill’s like sparks and gasoline, as we’ve seen, Alex is unintentionally driving Jill up a wall. I don’t think Jill will hold this animosity toward Alex forever, in fact if anything they may end up needing to rely on one another to survive. As for the others fearing her, Jill is Pete’s adopted sister, and he views her as such. I don’t think he’d ever be afraid of her. Art on the other hand may be a bit more wary of her. Lina just seems angry and rightfully so, but she might also be afraid and hiding it… unless she’s encountered these people before. Her past is virtually unknown at this point. All we know for sure is she ran away when she was young. Um, wow! Sorry for the book I just wrote here!

What I’m expecting is for their captors to let it slip that it was Jill’s “event” that caused them to track them down, not anything Alex did… so it’s Jill “fault”, and I think she’s a good enough person to recognize that she was (violently ๐Ÿ™‚ ) unfair to Alex.

YOU…SHALL NOT..(step on my)..GRASS

“You shall not trespass” might be better.

Get off my lawn you fleabitten furball… you walking carpet… you stuck up half witted scruffy looking nerf herder!

……….and now you’ve left me with little to no Star Wars quotes to use

Is it just me or do the magical-seal thingies resemble the hologram from a few pages ago…

Again, it’s all reduced to one simple question: What is magic?

And awesome to finally see this old geezer. Interesting how the pod fell exactly in his vicinity… No coincidences, after all… >:3

Hmm. Rather like Gandalf, but with Sean Connery’s voice (for some reason I just can’t hear Gandalf shouting “Get the Hell off my lawn!”, and the more I think about it, the more I can actually hear Sean Connery voicing this character)

I don’t think i would call him a geezer though.

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