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Wait a minute…an eye attached to one of the main protagonists. Why does this sound familiar? Alternatively, I guess Sesame can finally relate to Ron from The Eye of Ramalach. XD :cryRon: :furySesame:

But on a more serious note, I know Sesame and Kibbles turned to Claire for some heightened analytical skills, but she clearly isn’t in the right frame of mind considering all that has happened. This of course is in addition to the fact that she’s severely stressed, has incredibly vague and imprecise clues to work with, and is exhausted.

reworked the voices:

Sesame: Tara Strong

Kibbles: Hynden Walch

Claire: Kath Soucie

Mason: Benedict the Sherlock Guy (Sorry, don’t know his name xD)

Benedict the Sherlock Guy?!


I don’t think he’d do well as Mason. Maybe as the villain?

Claire’s a scientist, Sesame, not a magician!

If you member in the last page discussion, I thinkClaire is back on Earth. Go check pages 14. Kibbles says 743 AE. AFTER EARTH? Could this
means she cold be in past. Can you say this that whatever disaster destroyed Earth it could lead to Claire to ceist to exsist? You guys agree? Also, here”s a bet, I bet $200 that when Claire retrieves the pod and repairs it, someone else will go back to Claries time instead of her. Who do you all think will go? Kibbles, Sedsme or someone new we haven’t seen yet? Let me know.

so you’re saying this comic is set in some sort of Post Apocalyptic future? One that’s a medieval fantasy world?

Not future. Past. Before their kind travel the stars.

Okay, so the latest theory in the last page said that Evyr could just be another continent lost in the maps or something, which doesn’t give the answer on why technology hasn’t caught up to them at that point.

You have something here, but it does bring up the question what is the influence of Claire and Proto’s presence in this era is this was the past?

And if it is an post-apocalyptic future that apparently went back a few centuries, then was Claire and Proto actually saving themselves from the destruction of their home?

Claire is really trying hard to get Sesame to ignore what just happened. Even as impossible as that is.

Conclusion: She knows more than she’s letting on. Probably something to do with the starmap that it showed during the message.

Sesame, when bathing, just wrap the eye in cloth. If it cuts the cloth, you know it’s a pervy Uber.

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