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I wonder if Claire didn’t time travel, but teleported?

Ooooo… there’s multiple uber’s.

I think I got most of the words in the message, but… not all of them.

Somebody mentioned last page that Sesame’s uber and the eye are featured in the comic’s crest, I’m curious now to know if the sword that’s depicted might prove to be a third uber as well.

i did i kinda looked at the seal the eye is on her pommel of the sword and the scarf is like a cape attached to the eye, which can only mean one thing that sesame’s family is either direct decedents or are the actual heirs to the nation meant to protect the ubers

Giving it a go… the message as far as I can tell – only typing words that have scrambled letters – leaving blanks where I’m not sure what was said:

message, _____, in____act, fragments, in_____ation, protected.

forefathers__e, attempted, re__in, __. attempted, were, for, that, for, balance.

Anyone disagrees? anyone up for guesses on what I couldn’t get?

kinda seems like it’s one of the “universal alphabets”(made up alien languages), as for which one and what it says no clue. *shrug*
edit: i can tell it IS at least an alphabet as certain symbols are repeated in the message, using what you’ve figured out so far, i’ve noted two letters in the second to last word of the first line: in_ec_ation, no idea what word it is yet but i’ll continue attempting to compare symbols. first unknown letter on first word line 2: forefathersa_e. lifting the textboxes from the image should make “translation” easier.

edit 2: can’t find any words that match the letters i assumed for the first one, “information” fits the message though i think…

mmm, I’ve personally been more attracted to Sesame, so without further ado….

Han Solo: “I used to think it was all mumbo jumbo, a great power and unending battle of good and evil. Crazy Thing about it is….It’s true…The Force…The Jedi….All of it…it’s all true”

Leia: “General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. We now need your help again….I regret to inform you my mission to bring to Alderaan has failed….I have placed the technical readouts of the battle station within this R2 unit….Help My Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”
Sorry, i never quite memorized the entirety of her line.

(Watches Annakin Skywalker/Darth Vader slaughtering Jedi) Obi Wan: No…no, it can’t be. Not him!!!

“….many Bothans die to bring us this information.”

why would you do that?

I’m with you, it’s a bit of a jerk move to hurt Kibble’s fans just because you aren’t one. It’s not like making these jokes is going to result in some adult art of some other character, it’s just shooting down our collective chance to get more Uberquest art. And I enjoy this world enough that I’d like to see as much as I can…

I like how the message is artifacted, like it’s so old the magic or whatever holds the information in the eye it has eroded. So cool!

Now they know where to find Luke Skywalker

*I bop on Jack’s head* You just broke Skidd’s rule.

so did I. Sorry, I just find Sesame hotter…..and I f*****g love Star Wars

So because y’all wouldn’t personally enjoy it, ya go and take it away from the rest of us? Sith points. Sith points for all of you.

I bet the Star Trek fandom would’ve made much better wingmen…

S.H.O.U.T. Furry. I now have more questions. So many possibilities… A technologically advanced race that perished? “Staring into the eyes of gods”… A discover, a knowledge that must have never been known. And they found it. And… maybe an unraveling? An apocalypse? And when did it happen? Emphasis on WHEN. This can mean so much. I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!!!!!!!!11111111111*exclamation marks*

It seems like it parralels some of the theories about Atlantis in our world, It’s believed that they destroyed themselves by misusing a great power that they possesed, or tried to harness a power that they could not actually control. Another theory says that there was a second civilization known as Mu, and that the two destroyed each other with superweapons that make our strongest nuclear weapons look like firecrackers.

what about the lost continent of Lemuria?, most people know about Atlantis fewer people know about Mu and even fewer people know about Lemuria

It’s been ages since I actually looked into it, but I’ve seen a few references that suggest that Lemuria and Mu were actually just different names for the same place, though again, even if seperate, they were all destroyed at roughly the same time by similar means.

Let’s the Star Wars jokes flow. I know they’re coming.
Here’s a deal. if I don’t see one single Star Wars reference/joke, I’ll draw a sexy Kibbles pic.

[with a small wave of a hand] These aren’t the jokes you’re looking for.

wait, are you sure, I swear they look just like the pictures

They’re poking you on purpose Skidd and you know it. Do it anyways :3 darkfoxdown says so 😉

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