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hmm hard to tell if that would be more Claire’s or Kibble’s line of expertise, could be spacial coordinates, or some form of magical runes.

Could the Ubers be a mix of magic and technology?

Depends on what ‘magic’ is. For a technologically primitive culture, an advanced enough technology could be viewed as mysticism. And the ability to harness energy to manipulate the laws of nature as we know them could just be an adaptation certain creatures developed over the countless years of being exposed to said energy.

Furthermore: if that thing really is tech that Claire is familiar with, than that could mean that this is, from her perspective, the present or the future. I don’t know which one has potential to be more interesting.

Does anyone else get a Force Awakens vibe from the last panel?

So… you’re saying that that map will lead them to Winsley? *le gasp*

no you fool, it’ll lead them to Luke



It all makes sense now

Cocky talk for someone who nearly got his head crushed by a buck who can put craters in cliffsides

The mapping on the cave’s wall, it sure looks similar to what we watched it on Ancient Ailens. Was that your ideas, Skidd?

as for me, I’m thinking more along the lines of (ala Harrison Ford) “I always thought of it just mumbo jumbo. An eternal conflict between good and evil, balance of light and dark. The crazy thing about it is…’s true. The Force, The Jedi, all of it…it’s all true.”

sorry couldn’t resist. saw it for my sixth time tonight.

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