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Well, I guess that’d be a perfect case of a badgering mother.

Really glad to see some parental affection here >ww>”
I hope he gets better, instead of worse because his mother could seemingly crush someone’s spine if she could break a wooden door like that xD

got new tattoo on their back neck?

They might all have one, there’s some black dots on art’s neck implying he has one too.

Not to mention it looks exactly like the one on Jill. Question is did they keep hers the same or change it because of certain events happening that led to all of them being captured? These tattoos have to signify something if they’re different patterns, and I’m sure we’ll all see the reason eventually

Welp this proves that Art is a hopeless virgin. ๐Ÿ˜›
If a naked girl like Alex wakes you up by falling on you in the middle of the night the ONLY question you’re allowed to ask is: “Are you looking for a place to warm up?”
Anything else just proves that you’re hopeless. XD

(???: Are you trying to imply that you know anything about talking to women? Cuz you’re failing at it.
Gab: Shush it and get back to work!
???: Well I just burnt you didn’t I? :3)

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