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doesn’t anyone think someone should’ve told Ainsley that Kylar is a monogamist who is into men….or maybe I’m reading too deep into this and need to get my head out of the gutter. most likely she just really admires him as leader and a warrior and because of that she’s very, very concerned about his well being.

You know, I’m really beginning to suspect that all these secret organizations are somehow combined into one larger organization as they all seem have some sort of swords in their logo, which I guess might be a good idea for branding purposes but seems like a dead give away that they’re all connected.

Nah, swords are just a common sign of military might. the American symbol is an eagle, as is the symbol of the old Russian empire, and the Nazi’s used it as well, but none of these three groups had any particularly strong ties to one another.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire outdid all of them; they used an eagle with *two* heads, blood-red eyes, snake-like tongues, and…well…just see for yourself:
Seriously, it’s probably the most badass national bird that ever lived. O.O

So that means the rebels, the secret cult-thingy and the church are just a part of something much larger… If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my conspiracy shack!

Also: the recent influx of fuzzy abs is most welcomed. Keep em coming!

Of course they’re all part of something larger, called The Story. XD but seriously, like I said earlier, I doubt that several different groups having the same bit of symbology automatically connects them. What if we find a fighter’s guild later, which could logically have a sword in it’s emblem? Does that mean the fighter’s guild is also part of the conspiracy? Doubt it. it would make more sense if the common symbology wasn’t such a basic item, but something a little more esoteric, like an Oroborus or a star drawn a certain way or something.

Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a very important question to ask. Over the last few years I’ve read some really amazing comics, yours being one of them, and was inspired to create my own comic. The ideas and story for the comic been floating in my head for quite some time, but until recently I didn’t have the resources to make my ideas come to fruition. I was wondering what kind of art apps or programs you would recommend? If you had any advice for starting a comic, that would be great too. You, and many other amazing writers and artists, have been a huge inspiration to me and brought me nothing but joy, and for that I thank you.

As far as drawing goes, No art program is gonna magically make things easier for you and make you a huge success on it’s own. So keep that in mind. Try some cheaper free programs first, or wait for one of the big named ones to go on sale. (Personally, I use Clip Studio, and it occasionally goes on sale for $15) Just practice every day and you WILL improve over time.
As far as writing goes, it’s not necessary to have a full story.. but you gotta at LEAST have an ending in mind so you have a clear signal of where to go as you write. Don’t expect to become super amazing popular over night, and don’t think you’re writing the next Star Wars. If you truly enjoy what you are working on.. you shouldn’t have any burn out and your enthusiasm will show and your readers will pick up on that. There is so much more with making a comic … but these are just some basics to follow. Thanks so much for your compliment, we are happy ot hear that you enjoy our comic! And we wish you the best of luck on yours!

Stay Determined! Comics are ALOT of work for a long time – so passion is key.As far as writing, it really depends what genre you are wanting to go for. If you are doing gag-a-day comics then you just need a joke/good sense of humor. However, having a decent outline written out for your story – developing a comic can take months! Be sure to get a good feel for your plot/know your characters. Also write a first draft – then go over it, it’s rare the first thing you write will be what you will ultimately use! Look for critique from friends, get to know other comic-artists. I also recommend finding a good web-hosting site for your comic. There are some free-places to host, Tumblr and I think also has free hosting. Having a “buffer” is a good idea – make sure you around 10 pages done before you start posting – this will help you ease into a schedule. Update often! At least a few times a month. Network! Get to know other comic-artists,post your comic EVERYWHERE, buy advertisement for your comic ( is great for this!), let everyone know about it on social media. Finally — keep doing it! It will take some time to build up an audience, don’t give up though. All success comes from hard-work, sometimes for a long time.

Recommended Suggestions..

Stripped – A documentary about being a comic-book artist, very informative!

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