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That girl the one that tipped the guard. She doesn’t have the white line in her hair, but the similarity is too big to ignore. But that would also mean that there is only one secret organisation… Woah…

The conspiracy intensifies. *grabs tin foil hat*

You’re probably right about the girl, but then again, if you had’nt read my theory about the page 48 (, you see tha the mark that she had on her shouder is the same that was on that letter that Sesame recive a few pages back, the mark of her village. that means the Sesame and Kibbles has some sort of conection ?

She could’ve been an imperfect clone, who knows?
Though, that symbol might be another secret organization, that I guess the master wizard hired to frame Kibbles and bring her back home.
But it only adds up to the Zysa big-brother conspiracy theory if the master wizard (whatever his name was) is actually leading both groups.
The symbols… I don’t know, maybe Zysa has like different branches?

And I think both groups have the same ideals of getting Kibbles to join, just different intentions and pretty much different objectives to begin with. So I don’t know if the whole thing is still plausible.

so the thing involving Kibbles and that fire spell was not an accident caused by her….plus I feel this has some sort of tie-in with the Illuminati guild trying to obtain Ubers like Sesame’s scarf. so many questions in my head……so much suspense… skidd and phuffy really now how to keep a reader invested…….it really is like reading A Song of Ice and Fire!!!!

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