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I honestly don’t remember this pair. I will need to go back and find them.

waitaminute…..does these guys have something to do with that attack on Sesame’s home and her father’s death?


That symbol and those two

But that would mean… That the group that attacked Sesame’s village is the one that is framing Kibbles and contacted Sesame. But how does Zysa fit into this? A religious front of a secret society masked as a religious peace group. Someone else suggested it earlier, but now it’s making more and more sense.

Winter is coming

No. Wiener is coming. No. I’m not talking about Carlos Danger. I’m talking about – *ugh* Never mind.

Wait… What if the raiders (these two and the one that’s claiming to be Gene’s brother) and the group they work for were trying to get Kibbles into prison, but another group prevented it. What if this Severance is against Zysa (or whoever sent Sesame that letter and got Kibbles out of trouble). And now we have a dark group that is collecting artifacts of power, an underground group of (presumably) good guys with (maybe?) a front as a peaceful religious organisation, a rebellion (that may or may not be totally independent from the previous two groups) and a corrupt government…

Screw it. ROLL THE VID

I think my comment was meant to imply further proof that this comic’s authors would probably cite Game of Thrones as one of their influences in storytelling (I mean that as a good thing). Think about it: political power struggles, secret societies, a diverse cast of characters with complex motives and backstories, medieval fantasy world setting, a very brutal moment of violence now and then, uneasy alliances, etc.

Game of Thrones with Furries, basically…..minus stuff like the whole thing going on between Jaime and Cersei, characters we love getting murdered, ice zombies, and dragons…..for now.

Okay, theory so far…
These two assheads as pretty much part of the big brother, rebel-front using Zysa, and pretty much, this whole elaborate thing with Kibbles is pretty much a ploy to get the Uber (Sesame’s scarf). The Zysa must’ve recruited them even before the hundredth page and pretty much wants to use Kibbles’s potential as a mage, and in theory, Kibbles does have a lot of potential due to powerful that fireball was on the first few pages. With the symbols of Zysa going all over the place, plus a plausible necromancer, it’s only a matter of time before a revelation happens and one of Sesame’s dead relatives suddenly comes back to life (maybe her father) and will serve the Zysa as bait for capturing Sesame and giving up the Uber,

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