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OH SNAP! Mason just snapped. I just hope he isn’t becoming his uncle.

I think Farron’s ribs also snapped

Yep like I said. Mason’s not wrong in that they are Both to blame but Farron is WAY more to blame the Sesame.

Also I like that while he’s shouting at Farron in the First Panel, he’s is only speaking to Sesame in the second. Well that’s how I read it anyway.

But also as hard as it is to say Farron has a point too. Mason could have thrown Him off the cart too but he didn’t.

Now I just hope in time (hopefully not too long mind you) Mason apologizes to Sesame. Or he’ll be going down a notch or two in my book.

I was thinking the same thing. I have to agree with you on this.

Mason will eventually snap back to his previous self, with a lot of “oh no, what I have done, I didn’t mean to” etc… and apologise to Sesame. After all, he does recognise she is trying her best, and were he not so upset, he would probably not used those exact words.

agreed i mean i just went back and looked at the whole chase and the only real chance she had to throw him off was when she first jumped on and yelled at him immanently after that they were attacked by spears and arrows and then the huge mimic came out of nowhere and then they crashed so yeah she could have done better but not much

If you are handling a running team, you can never let go of the reins, therefore Mason could not have thrown Farron off once they got going because it takes both hands to control the team. Farron threatened Mason with a wrist blade to get them moving, and Mason wasn’t angry enough to fight him at that time.

Mason actually had a chance to control the team until Scrab roared, and spooked them. The only one who could have acted against Farron was Sesame, but she was distracted by all the flying arrows–and Scrab.

All the real blame is on Farron. We’ll have to see how things shake out between Sesame and Mason.

This page made me feel fairly happy, all. things considered.

You know, Mason may go a little overboard if he doesn’t get control of his temper.
Not that I’m surprised he has a hot button (his animals)
Mason may so much harm to Farron that Kibbles may be tempted to try to heal Farron.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if I’d want Kibbles to succeed or not

I have been that angry before. When situations get on top of me in a bad way (anger, frustration,sadness etc) I’ve been known to go into a rage mode of sorts. Also, like Mason shows when he tones it down for Sesame, I can sometimes hold myself back to begin with, but is I am pushed more then I start to lash out and further prodding makes me lash out more. Firends and family have learned the danger signs (and I can normally tell when I am about to go into ‘hulk mode’ so I give them fair warning) so it does not happen as often as when I was younger.

Sufficed to say, I emphasise with Macen in this situation. However, I feel someone needs to stop him before he harms himself or someone else in a way that can’t be fixed (never been that bad myself, but I feel that it can easily go that way.

Also with Sesame I feel what he said to her was a valid point. If she had thrown Farron off earlier instead of berating him none of this mess would have happened. I commend his ability to not yell at her like he did with Farron. As said earlier I’ve been through rage modes before and know that it’s not always easy to hold yourself back.

I’m not so sure Mason was talking about Farron.
I think he may be thinking about Dante.
I also have gone into rages.
Because I’m generally as calm and non-violent as Mason, that rage can be… frightening.

Luckily, those who know me seem to know when I’m getting angry.
They say I starting sounding like a large, growling feline

Thankfully, I have discovered the perfect partners to hit when I’m angry… trees.
I recently discovered I have to pick thicker than 3 inches, tho.

Well, from all the characters in this comic Mason is the most pitiful. All of them have issues and problems, but at least they try to do something about it. With the exception of Mason who cant muster some balls to stand up to his abusing uncle an takes out his frustration on bystanders like Sesame(nice move, dick hulk) and Farron(at least HE deserved some of the beating). Been there, done that, not worth it.

I’m sorry, please explain to us all the mental vagaries of an abusive family relationship, given your psychology degree at Horse Apples University? His uncle might be a dick, but he’s the only family Mason has–and despite his many flaws, Mason still loves him like family. Perhaps you should speak with those who actually suffered abuse from a loved one, and see just how easy it is to “muster some balls,” as you so lovingly put it.

Uh, I know its the internet, but could you perhaps refrain from insults? Thank you.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so of course you can think that someone who mentaly abuses his children and beats them bloody to the point of leaving visible scars just “might” be a “dick”, but with all due respect I fail to see where one can find such tolerance for such people.
As for Mason, its actually quite sensless to try feigning understanding of the problem of abuse from loved ones simply by talking with the victims. Only someone who was the target of such vile action can understand its hardship. Nevertheless its the source of abuse that needs to be confronted. Nor tragic past nor abuse in any kind can justify hurting others to let out frustration and anger.

Perhaps you could refrain from petty insults yourself; you were the one who deemed a fictional victim of abuse (and thus, quite a few real human beings who suffer from it) as “pitiful” and a “coward.” And you contradict yourself, saying domestic violence is wrong and “vile,” yet you wish Mason would himself use physical violence against a family member. His uncle is now old and physically infirm; if this page is any indication of Mason’s strength, a single punch could easily kill him. What then? Could you kindly explain how one form of violence is somehow “morally superior” to another?

You admit you don’t understand why abuse victims tolerate (or even love) their abusers, yet you feel entitled to pass judgment on them as if you did. You claim that even making an *effort* to understand them and speak with them is pointless. If this is so, then why exactly are there thousands of support groups and therapists who dedicate their lives to these very goals? Are you saying we shouldn’t waste *any* resources on these people besides locking up their abusers, if they find the courage to speak out? Attitudes like yours are the reason so many victims of domestic violence continue to suffer in silence; why bring all that terrible scrutiny upon yourself if nobody gives a damn?

Wow, you actually ignored everything I wrote and twisted it to your likings.
The only way you think confronting the abuser can go is by using force?
And nowhere did I wrote that supporting victims of abuse is a waste of time. Where did you get that?

It seems you are mostly interested in fight, and are using this topic to release some steam. Still thank you for this conversation, I hope you will read my posts again after some time with a fresh mind.

*As “pitiful” means someone who deserves pity and compassion I fail to see it as insult, still maybe the definition is broader, and disadvantage of foreign language got a better of me.

American English tends to bastardize a lot of words away from their origional meaning, and so here, pitiful has been turned into an insult indicating someone too weak or pathetic to do for themselves. The ideas of deserving pity and compassion have been lost.

Mason really needs to eat a Snickers

He gets a little angry when he’s hungry.

THIS is a little?
Can I see your dictionary?
Your definition of ‘little’ seems to be slightly different from mine.

Size gets defined differently, years ago one location I was a janitor at, I was asked to go and take care of a huge puddle of water that the ceiling was causing because of the very rainy day. When I saw the puddle it was only 4in ( 10cm ) in size.

You know what shocks me the most? Not Mason’s anger, not that he was moved to violence, but his potty mouth, not in front of Kibbles, see look how shocked she is at your language man.

actually, I think she’s shocked at the violence Mason just did to Farron.
after all, she’s looking at Farron gasping for breath, not Mason.
Kibbles is a kind heart and THIS sort of thing probably is new to her.

In fact, Mason may have done some internal damage as well.
Farron wasn’t exactly prepared for it.

Mason, chill. If my “Claire & the destiny of the group” theory is correct, we need Farron alive for the sake of the plot. So take a deep breath, calm down and think of something pleasant. For instance: you having your own armory, and Kibbles, Sesame and Claire being there, just cause, wearing high quality, skimpy armor that provides the same defense rating as it’s counterpart for guys.

Ever been so angry that you just HAD TO PUNCH SOME MOTHERFUCKERS IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE!? Because I belive Mason is that angry right now. Dude’s scary when he’s angry, he’s the kind of dude that you don’t like when he’s angry.

…WHEN? The only time Sesame could have thrown Farron off the coach was at the start, when she was trying to threaten Farron into getting off without actually hurting him. That’s KINDA what a lot of security is about; not hitting people, but resolving a situation without violence. After that, ever single moment was occupied: Trying to get back on to the moving cart, climbing to the front, grabbing at Farron, being forced to let go because the guards were SHOOTING AT HER and she had to defend herself, which only ceased AFTER Farron’s summon had shown up which then proceeded to scare the shit out of the staggles and then I’d like to see the point of throwing him off while it was going out of control. There was ONE time where she could have thrown him off…and that’s when he was holding her charge hostage. I’ll say it again: There is literally NO GROUND for Mason to be angry at Sesame. Could she have done better? Certainly. Calling her the worst guard ever? Hell no. This is the ONE time she’s failed. ONCE. The first attempt WAS stopped by her, at the cost of HER OWN sword. She prevented Dante from stealing the cargo. I’m not buying this “I know you’re trying, but you’re the worst security guard ever” bullshit for a second.

I think Mason learned some of the wrong things from his uncle. This seems exactly how he would react, and I’m guessing that’s the only way Mason knows of to deal with frustration.

He is right to be pissed off for sure, but to this extent, I didn’t expect that out of his personality.

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