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Kibbles confidence back: check
Mason happy again: check
Bob healthy: check
Farron learns lesson preferably through pain: not check

R.I.P. Kibbles; death by bear hug. (Well, elk hug, but close enough)

And something that’s been bothering me: Bob was injured – that wasn’t surprising; but how did Bub remain mostly intact from a fall like that?

And I’m with Claire on this one: I GOTS TO KNOW MOAR!

The fall wasn’t that huge, you can still see the top of the cliff. More of a ledge, really. Plus, Bob and Bub seem similar to elk and moose, which are notoriously hard to kill. I’ve heard of moose getting hit by full size SUV’s and trucks, getting back up, and still being well enough to charge the vehicle a second time in retaliation.

if i’m not mistaken only one of the wagon’s front beams of wood broke(you can see the other sagging in the previous page), bob was injured by the shrapnel from that broken beam while bub was relatively unscathed because he didn’t land on it like bob.

So….The fire mage hypothesis looks more promising…but who could it me…maybe we havn’t seen them yet, or maybe they’ve been in the background o.o
Either way, Glad to see Kibbles feeling better about herself.

Yay! Kibella came through! I wonder if there’s anything she could do for Mason. A self-esteem upgrade, perhaps?

Bob looks more squeezed than pleased in panel 5, while Kibs is so relieved that she didn’t kill anyone that she doesn’t seem to mind being squeezed just as hard in panel 6. That’s a nice contrast. ๐Ÿ™‚

self-esteem upgrade?
it could be called sex, although I could be wrong(don’t quote me on that)

theory time: it’s not so much healing as it is an increase in the body’s regeneration rate, meaning if the bone wasn’t set right it wouldn’t heal right. it’s a little more believable than outright magic, but still pretty out there at this kind of speed.

Bob and Bud are back together, and not to destroy color spheres either. XD
And do I sense some jealousy and or resent with Sesame?

Don’t know why Sesame would have resentment, Sasame did good there, and Mason is understandably happy. Sesame also hasn’t spent nearly as much time with Mason as Kibbs, so I doubt she has strong feelings for him, unless you’re suggesting Sesame has a lesbian attraction to Kibbs, which also has no supporting evidence at this time. Her expression probably comes more from the fact that Sesame *knows* that Mason has super-fera strength and is worried that Kibbs may be the one needing healing after that extremely enthusiastic hug.

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