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Well since she’s already dying, considering what happened last time, worst case scenario they’ll have a barbecue

My thoughts exactly except I thought Mason would get angry and actually start fighting someone with his insane strength.

Actually, I don’t think Mason is likely to go berserk, it’s far more likely if something goes wrong that he’ll simply shut down, retreat into a state of manic depression that will be nearly impossible to rouse him from. Not everyone in the world has a ‘rage trigger’ that turns them into unstoppable fighting machines.

I had the same thought on the previous page.

Bob comes first -anger after. ๐Ÿ™‚

Come on, people. Kibella here needs some motivation.

I believe she can do it! I DO! I DO!

Kibbles regarding the heal spell: I know you can do it, Sesame knows you can do it, Mason (more than anything) wants you to do it, Bob needs you to do it.

And you will have a most grateful friend. I still say Kibbles and Mason should be together, they make a great couple.

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