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Faron deserves some ass-whoping for all this! >:C

wow….that escalated faster than a reaction to the death of any major character on Game of Thrones

No! Not Bo- Wait, Bob’s a girl? Still:

…which never would have happened if Farron didn’t steal that jewel. Which never would have happened if Dante didn’t inform him that the sale was going on. Which never would have happened if Rosalyn didn’t tell him about the sale in the first place. Which never would have happened if Sesame didn’t give Farron a… problem… he needed to take care of. Which never would have happened if Sesame wasn’t injured trying to slay that rare creature. Which NEVER would have happened if Claire didn’t pull the wacky dollar prank on Farron. Which never…

I’m sensing a pattern here…

Is kibbles any good as a healer?

Let’s just hope she’s gotten better since her debut earlier on.

In the second panel, it looks like Kib’s dress has flipped up enough to reveal that from the look of it, she isn’t wearing underwear.

Boy, the first panel shows to good reflection Claire is much larger than Kibbles.

It’s time for Kibbles to prove she CAN heal. I very much doubt a fiery misspell would be worse than what Bob’s going thru right now.

quick, pull out those wooden pieces and apply magic healing or whatever’s available, get bandages, plenty of them, don’t let Mason’s beloved Bob girl die. If she does, I think Mason will enact a terrible revenge on Farron, which he deserves anyway.

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