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So… is the “rogue” rockin’ the lovechild of a stereotypical Swedish accent and a French accent?

Cajun French accent. Think of Gambit from XMen

well, he was a bit of a card.

Yeah, but he always had a few aces up his sleaves.

Inventor’s note: Incoming teleportation apparently has the side effect of turning all withing a 10m radius into chibis…

Not sure if new villain or new party member… On the one hand, classic villain attributes. On the other, a perfectly rounded party ready for adventure.

Look at the ‘cast’ for the comic. She’s a foil for poor Sesame. judging from her ‘blink’ (short, quick teleport), I’d say she will be hard to pin down.

You like making large posts eh?(not saying it’s bad):3

Dante will be a foil for Sesame. Not sure if she will join the party. I am not sure where Clair and Proto will fit in the party, but they will not fit in any of the ‘standard’ roles.

A standard party has Meat shields (Sesame and maybe Dante), glass cannons (Kibbles, definitely), healers (Kibbles, maybe), and support (soon, the party’s first male).

Soon to come (maybe) will be an archer (support, a male), a merchant (patron? provisions? another male) and Kibbles’ mentor (ok, THIS is most likely not anytime soon)

Where will Clair and Proto fit in? Now THAT will be interesting to see, but expect Dante to see them as somebody to take advantage of. Clair is very smart and likely to be very adaptive, but she’s out of her comfort zone as soon as she leaves the teleporter chamber.

Clair will bring many assets to the table nobody else can. She is an accomplished builder and maker, inventive, and (I suspect) highly adaptable.
She is likely to have many hidden qualities. Martial arts (both unarmed and exotic weapons), first aid training (especially trauma and CPR), and advanced understanding of things just not known at the present time can be truly useful.

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