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Ahhh yessss, perfect. I predict Mora will blow up at this and end the relationship, which will only hurt her because it will solidify the bond between Rachel and Minos, which is what’s best for both of them, if she doesn’t want to be alone, she’ll have to forgive and forget, which she is incapable of doing, because deep down she’s still the evil vindictive idiot she was before. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.

Nanananananananana! Bat-puss! nanananananananana! Bat-puss!

Also, good thing that Kibbles has such great safety-bags! ;D

Oh god!!!! choose your words!!!! oh man!!! I ain’t getting this out of my mind anytime soon now…

Nanananananananana! >^w^<

Dude, just, no….. oh man, the theme song just makes it worse….. ugh…… its worse than the flying spaghetti monster!!!!

W8, what’s he doing with that lock… Oh, dear. Didn’t Farron say, that if someone other than him touches it, it causes them to feel extreme pain? This can only end badly.

So the Uber can change itself to suit the needs of the person who wields it? Intriguing…

BOOB-PILLOW!! Is there anything more that needs to be said?

Well at least Kibs has built in pillows for Claire. The scarf does have transformation abilities – though learning how exactly to use it is gonna be a bit tricky. As for Farron and that bag of his… I’m certain everyone will be surprised by what he pulls out ๐Ÿ˜‰

On a more serious note, interesting wording Farron uses “I need some backup”, which would suggest something living. Now I dont think that Farron would actually have anything alive in the bag, it would suffocate or starve. He always seems to be able to pull exactly what he is looking for out of the bag when he wants it, he doesn’t rummage through it to look. So maybe the bag is more of a gateway really rather than an actual “container” in the traditional sense, in which case something living would be more understandable.

Actually a standard Bag of Holding in D&D has the ability to bring whatever item you’re thinking of to the top, meaning no rummaging required. Since Farron’s bag seems to be similar to a Bag of Holding, it makes sence that it also has that same ability. as for backup, I tend to agree with Gravedigger that he may have an item of summoning rather than an actual living creature, though a construct of some kind wouldn’t be out of the question, or her could have meant it as a ‘backup plan’ and is looking for a more powerful weapon of some sort.

So Farron’s bag is actually some sort hyperspace storage unit? Huh, never actually thought of it. I just thought that his back has so much stuff in it that it expanded, that or its one of those highly protective camping bags. So his inventory is highly similar of that to MMORPG games. Slightly infinite. So that must mean that if Farron’s bag was to actually get overstuffed, it might explode?

Nice shot, Sesame! And since when you have a wing (in the 7th panel), Sesame?!

Those wings are her scarf. It’s the Uber in “UberQuest. It seems to transform when she needs it to. Check out the last two panels on page 100.

So…her Uberscarf is this universe’s equivalent of Felix the Cat’s magic handbag?

Also, can Uberscarf be it’s official name? /)(^3^)(

I know for the fact that she have a scarf that can transform anything, but is that her first time to use her scarf as a wing?

I think this was the first time it was a pair of wings (it was an overhead shield once too). Skidd or Teh Phuufs could probably answer this better but i think Sesame doesn’t really know how to use the scarf, it just seem to work automatically.

I think he’s going to give Ses whatever she wants, as long as they keep going… this would be a good time for him to be calm, and realize that he is now in the best possible position, given where he started.

On the other hand, terrifying Sesame, is terrifying, and she’s not going to trust him.

Oh, and Kibs is always there to help… and we can call Claire “Crash” now.

I’ma thinkin’ they all end up in trouble, because from the pursuer perspective, they’ve got to be working with Farron, so when they catch up…

Nobody tosses a dwarf! I mean a fox. Nobody tosses a fox.

faaarrrrrooon your soul is sesame’s play thing now you wont need where your going to be living soon… is sesame a meat eater?

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