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7 hells?! Cause 1 ain’t enough!

Makes me wonder of that worlds religion/pantheon/mythology. We know that things will get over-exaggerated over time; that’s how stories turn to legends, and legends turn to religion. And the fact that those Deities can’t be real…

This waiting is killing me! Makes you wonder: is Tom uploading 2K at current rate creating an implosion in the artist-creativity matrix or…
or are the artists having a problem? Is everything alright?

yet another aspect of this comic that is a clever homage to Game of Thrones. (raises glass) here’s to hoping we see even more White Walkers in season 6

1st: What; the waiting, 7 hells or gods not being real?
2nd: White Walkers? Really? Don’t you want to see more dragons? Or bewbs? Or, if I may be so bold to suggest it, DRAGON BEWBS? (I don’t watch GoT myself ^3^; “because it’s fantasy; and I hate dragons” AlChestBreach)

1: I was referring to an element of storytelling with Uberquest that was similar to GoT

2: I guess GoT’s not for everyone. still, really anticipating the inevitable climactic battle in the North against the White Walkers (BRING ON THE ICE ZOMBIES!!!!!)

I know this is a useless information, but I want to correct Sesame in one little thing. There’s not only seven hells, but nine hells, did she never read The Divine Comedy from Dante?

Limo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Heresy, Anger, Violence, Fraud, and Treason. I think that’s the order that it goes?

A biologists take on Staggle’s run, why not follow the example of the six legged masters, insects? They run very fast for their size, and surprisingly sturdy as well. They alternate opposite legs: left side 1 – 2 – 1, and right side 2 – 1 – 2.

Unless, there’s something I don’t know. Like, the increased strength from using the back pair of legs as one gives them an extra boost?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, entomologist.
Aren’t insects able to do that because the center leg on each side is long enough to NOT interfere with the front and back legs on that side?
That does not appear to be a characteristic for these mammalian hexapeds.

And those famous Octopeds (spiders) don’t run as fast because THEIR legs don’t have the same varied leg length (though they can jump wonderfully)

I am puzzling over Mason’s “second time, actually” comment.

I don’t remember Sesame providing security for Mason before.

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