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Bob? Girl? and possibly Dante?

More likely Farron, who, as you’ll recall just last page was running for his life from the merchant and his men.

Judging by the hand color, it might be him. Dante’s hand is a little darker.

Yeah I guess it would be Farron. Mason just can’t catch a break from thieves.

That Zysanite (?) is most definatly your typical ‘Unsavory Religious Fanatic.’ I’ve met people like that, trying to convert folks, and then making dire pronouncments when you turn them down. get a lot of them on the Strip and Freamont Street here in Las Vegas.

WoW! It took Mason THAT long to recover from his run-in with Farron?

I mean, Farron had enough time to have a mini-adventure and now has the time to threaten Mason with a blade.

Of course, Mason and Kibbles may have taken their time returning to the wagon (while Farron was in a hurry), so maybe it was well timed.

Farron dont want to lkill the nice controler of the stags that will curb stomp your head to nothingness

So I just read this comic from start to this page and I kinda wish I didn’t because now I have to wait for new pages! I didn’t think at first that I would like this comic as much as I do now, but it’s just so amazing! The plot is really intriguing and the characters are all really cool and likeable, and not just cardboard cut-outs of basic cliches. And I love the character artm it looks really amazing, backgrounds need work though.

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