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Now the real question is: are these guys for real and are they true to the code they’re proclaiming or are they a bunch of hypocrites who only use the fact that many people believe in their religion to gain wealth, power and influence? After all: hypocrisy is in the nature of all sentient life. (emo comment is emo)

agreed. I’m not quite sure if Kibbles is being a hypocrite tho.

Farron is a jerk, yes, but he did save her, Sesame’s, and Claire’s lives.

Well yes. Some people are more hypocritical then others. And it doesn’t have to be extreme hypocrisy. Tell me one person who is 100% true to his/her/it’s word.

Superman! =D

Though it is a classic trope that people can use figurative and/or flowery prose in such a way that they’re *technically* not lying, but still leaving quite a few false impressions. For example, Disney villains Ursula (The Little Mermaid) and Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) do this quite successfully when enticing their films’ protagonists.

You know just to figure out that someone (even a cultist) is not lying to you, make them tell that shit backwards.
I generally have a bad feeling about these guys, and that facial expression in panel 2 and 3, I would seriously reconsider NOT joining in.
And seriously, what’s up with his wing? If the avion joined that cult and literally sacrificed a body part just to do so, I guess it’s part of an initiation.
The ZYSA looks more powerful than assumed since I think it’s beyond just a rebellion, I think it’s a 1984-style Big Brother Political Party who uses the rebellion as a front for recruiting cultists. They might even have spies or politically powerful members in Fera.

Nice job Farron, keepin’ it classy while running towards your meeting which you’re going to miss.
And yes, random piano for Mason ๐Ÿ˜›

The Avian said that he couldn’t return to his kin and thus wandered aimlessly between others untill e found that cult and a new meaning to live.
From this words we can understand that he somehow lost his wing and lost ability to fly nearly killed him. A bird without a sky – is a dead bird.
So serving this cult is a true rebirth for him.
As for their omnious expressions and vile intentions, I have to agree. Never believed those cults and overly clingy religions, cuz when religion is getting clingy trying to lure new accolites into their rangs, that means they’re up to no good for some reason.

Today is all about moneys, but in that wold we see, it seemse that they’re seeking out persons with magic potential andpotentially planning to use their power for summoningwarcharging-something-up or sacrifice. Pick you choice.
I’d suggest for our heroes to gently change the subject and say they’d think about the offer, then go away as war as they could, but it seemse like Kibbles is really interested. -_-

strange way to speak of losing the power of flight. He said war took what is most precious to his kin, not what was most precious to him.

This could easily be construed that the lost of his wing was minor compared to something his entire clan/tribe/family lost.

Anything? yeah right, like I haven’t heard that before. Either they want money or to add magic power to their personal cause. And the look in panel 2 between the 2 cultists makes me distrust them even more. Now the Avion mentioned his brother Zysa gave him a home, serving the gods, I thought Zysa was the god they were serving, is his companion’s name Zysa? Interesting saying. Also in panel 1 there’s a guy doing his own preaching on a soap box in the background, is he preaching about Zysa also? I just noticed he’s wearing the same type of clothing as the 2 cultists, so I guess he’s preaching about Zysa too. And thanks for Farron to give us a little humorous interruption. Or Mason might get hit with an anvil, hope not for his sake. Damn I just love the intrigue in this comic.

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