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Kill stealing? That’s not very professional! (And she isn’t even artillery! =^^= )

artillery? why do I sense you play a certain game using armored vehicles in which the arty is hated by those who don’t use it? “Planet of Armored Vehicles”?

In truth, I played the game 3 years and had more than 600 matches if EACH of the tier 6 arties, so my opinion may be slightly different from yours.

Heh, the gods of that realm frowned deeply on the wielders of
indirect fire halfway through the eighth epoch, Rendering them mostly

Heh, I love my Tier IV arty. I don’t have
the experience you have, but I know a lot of folks still whine about
it. Personally I find it the most relaxing way to play the game. It
requires a lot of patience, but can still be very rewarding…

LOL, from what I’m understanding. WG.NET has changed a few things since I quit that game. used to be the arty costs 4 times as much as any of the other vehicles of the same tier (and I am NOT exaggerating).
I now play another game that goes to a place called “New Eden” and again I do something requiring a lot of patience called “rock killing”.

Hmmm… a kill stealer? depends on if she got the credit for the kill. I didn’t see any indication either way.

For some reason, I don’t quite trust this new warrior. Of course, wouldn’t be much of a adventurer party with only one fighter, so she (a fourth female?) may be needed.

So the party is now three females (with a fourth arriving soon) and a tiny self-animating golem. That’s not to make any suppositions on the other ‘uber-quest’ comic now running.

Those last few panels could be interpreted as a full-sized king slime being stomped by a humongous antagonist.

Also is she saying that the world they are in is called “Evyr”, or saying that “et wus ta ezyest baws een all o’ evyr”?

(Hur hur.)

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