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It still only counts as one!

Might as well just change his name to Legolas.

He was inspired quite alot by Legolas and Link.. ^_^;

I will never understand why people have the misconception that Legolas and other Tolkien-characters are gay? The professor was a devout catholic, I’m pretty sure homosexuality doesn’t even exist on Arda, at the very least not among the Elves who are pretty much Tolkien’s ideal sentient species. Still, the Zelda inspiration is pretty clear with these uniforms :3
Keep up the good work.

@tehphuufs:disqus I think he was referring to the fact that Kylar is gay and took “Based off of” to mean “Link and/or Legolas” is gay. (BTW Rule 63 Kylar & Joel are really cute :D)

Oh and I’d love to know more about that bunny her design is so cool (my girlfriend wants to die her hair that color/style it that way now :P) also woot X-bow.

@disqus_OzvM9hNDaT:disqus It’s not tolkien specifically Male elves in general tend to very androgynous so they tend to get made fun of, even In-world sometimes…some worlds even have elves as a female only race and the reverse for Dwarves (male only), personally I find Female Dwarves to be attractive but they tend to be made fun of just as often (and oddly sometimes have beards…so weird)

All that said I like that these various worlds don’t pretend the various races would get along perfectly, conflict is a reality and the more different you are visually, culturally, etc. the more miscommunication can happen.

True, but in Tolkien’s case, I don’t remember a single instance in the books where elves are being called “pretty boys”?
And Tolkien’s Dwarves do indeed have women, they are just a huge minority and look pretty much identical to males.
It’s Lewis’s Narnian red and black Dwarves that are male-only :p

All I could think about through this page is “Wow, that monster looks really gay”. (In the least offensive way, honest)
Then I realized who and what Kylar is.
Is that some symbolism there? A representation of the authors’ subconscious struggling? Childhood trauma?
I am probably over-analyzing it by just analyzing it, but I feel like there’s some really deep stuff hidden in this page…

How can a monster look gay? Is there a particular way someone or something looks gay? In my experience,it’s a wide variety – no two homosexuals look alike (unless they’re twins). While yes, Kylar is a solider and he isn’t public about his sexuality due to societal pressures this page does not have anything subversive about it. He just wanted to make sure the monster was dead – the idea of this page was to show off Kylar’s fighting skills.. that’s it.

Yes, I realize that, yet you can’t help but associate the stereotypical “gay look” with that of the members of a pride parade. In other words, this monster is just sooooo fabulous!
Please don’t take this too seriously.

I believe there’s nothing intentionally symbolic in the page, but that just makes it all the more interesting 😀

It’s grey w/ a little bit of purple how in any way does that scream “pride parade” maybe if it was rainbow colored and I dunno wearing a tutu. Also whos to say this creature doesn’t produce a-sexually and the only companionship amognst it’s species is like small “tribes” for safety in numbers (or none at all)

That said why even bring it up “gay” is not a descriptor…it like saying “That Mind Flayer looks like he enjoys knitting”

The sad thing is, that you’re not even gay, just butthurt.

Go read my original comment, notice how I’m trying to analyze the possible symbolism of the monster. Then go read some of Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces, or at least try to understand that certain things in dreams and fiction can be representative of a person’s experiences even if they aren’t apparent at first glance.

Being gay is a struggle. It has been for centuries – defying “normal” in favor of what one feels right, that is what it means to be gay in western culture. Battling a giant raging gay-looking monster, then defeating it can be a symbol of coming to terms with one’s gayness if a gay person does it. Especially if something else is connected to it. Say, if they then later proceed to eat the monster for weeks, then that means that the thing that once caused disturbances is now making their life easier. This would symbolize that the person in my allegory actually feels better being openly gay.

Holy shit I can’t fucking don’t even.

EDIT: The only mammal I’ve heard reproduce asexually was Mary, and there are some who doubt that too. Asexuality isn’t really all that common.

First, as I understand it Kylar is quite comfortable with his sexuality, he only keeps it hidden from the military because their small minded. Even IRL despite the fact that LGBT people are relatively accepted (even the Catholic church beside my Apartment flies a rainbow flag under the Canadian one) the Military is still all whiny about it, hell they still barely let woman in.

Two, there’s nothing that says that creature is a mammal

Three, The author (artist?) said your wrong

So stop acting like your some amazing high-minded philosopher instead of somebody who made a dumb comment, man (or woman or w/e) up and apologize to her (I *think* the Phuffs is Jessica and Skidd is Mike)

Side-question: Why do you assume I’m not gay, I mean I mention a Girlfriend but I could be female, I mean I’m not (even if I love shopping and chic flicks :P) but that’s a weird assumption, I have several friends who have alternative sexual preferences and I don’t like seeing them prosecuted or played for a laugh so yeah I’ll defend them.

I wrote a reply to this, then deleted it because I realized that I was stooping down to your level and it didn’t feel good.
I also found this to generally sum it up why I got emotional about your first reply:
“What’s not OK is using everything you see as an example to explain why people who aren’t you might get offended by stuff, because again, you’re not talking about the people who were offended (the only ones who matter, remember); you’re talking about a hypothetical group that exists only in your imagination. You’re making it all about you, and you may not have the necessary perspective. In short, you’re talking out of your ass to create controversy. You’ve effectively become every cable news program.” – Cracked

OK, is it just me or is this just a little too brutal? I mean, after blinding the beast, they could have just ran, and left it alone (but then again, EXP…). And that last panel. Kylar looks angry. I mean REALLY angry. Someone just accidentally got them in trouble, I get that. But what if there are some repressed feelings there? There could be an interesting story behind all that rage.
Also: YAY, Jeston is still alive!

Who knows what that monster could do in its death throes? Or if it might find a more vulnerable party of travelers while wounded? Better to take it down while he had the chance. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that face when someone wanted to loosen a particularly stubborn, worn down bolt.

Kylar has a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

That’s actually a hunting trick I’ve seen done before on larger creatures (well… maybe a bit less brutally). They had to shoot it in the eye to blind it, then shoot it in the spine do paralyze it (multiple had to be fired because of it’s size). Then, he stabbed it in the eye because it was the quickest and most vulnerable access to the brain. Not to mention it would end the creatures suffering, and leaving it injured and blind could cause it to rampage through the forest, which could lead to harm to others. While appearing brutal and cruel, it’s better than just filling it with dozens of arrows to random areas until it falls.

…aaaaand because plot, I assume. 😛

ok, now I’m hearing that music that played in Return of the Jedi when Luke was fighting the Rancor….now that much more fitting music (man vs monster….or in this case, Raccoon vs monster). man, Kylar took down that beast like a boss!!!!!

Damn, this action scene is so terrific, it looks like stills for a movie, so well done and everyone, quit complaining about the blood and gore, this is a real life type of story, we do the same when we hunt for sport. Also don’t mess with Kylar, he’s one damn badass when it comes to getting the job done.

So would this beast be a carnivore or herbivore? If it’s a herbivore, would it be attacking the group in defense of it’s territory? of course Kylar and the group wouldn’t know that. Saw what Victor Masi linked into Wikipedia about the Placera, very interesting, never knew about that type of dinosaur.

Don’t they carry at least a dagger or something that’ll provide better stab wounds? xD
Also, nice one Kylar ^^
270 degrees, triple arrow, no scope.
Kylar’s good. I wonder if his weapon is a Legendary or a Super Rare.
And I wonder what awesome loots will you get for killing a monster that nearly ate Francis :3

Yes, Kylar is indeed a badass! Though in the last panel he’s covered in blood; isn’t he a neat freak? Won’t that drive him crazy?

Probably 🙂

I can’t wait to see him shiver in annoyance…maybe he makes his pupils carry an emergency quick wash kit for just such an occasion. (I doubt it suits the setting but I have a image of a giant (I guess foldable) solar powered fan…working similar to those “Air Blade” dryers)

…why hasn’t anyone ever thought to do that with an arrow berofe?! To my knowledge, Kylar is the first person I’ve seen using an arrow to straight up stab someone, making him ALL the more rad! 😀

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