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The scarf is powerful AND intelligent. It has also chosen its wearer. I wonder if it likes being called an Uber (german for super, I think)

’nuff said about that.

Okay, Claire. It’s your turn.

do you mean “über”? It means “over” or “on top of”. It is mostly used with positions/locations. An exeption for example is: overpowered -> überpowerd

I wasn’t sure what ‘uber’ meant. I based the assumption on some ancient comics (1940s) I inherited. They’re in german, but the main character has a big, red “S” on his blue suit, and has a secret identity as a news reporter.

Wouldn’t that make it a reasonable assumption to you (if you didn’t know german)?

Wait, I thought SHE was the Uber. Is she right and the Uber is the scarf item instead?

Yes, that’s right. Now we tie in the comic title 😀

So, what is the name for the superpowered people like Sesame is?

Don’t have a working name for it, “gifted” I suppose until we can come up with something better.

Couldn’t you run a ‘reader’s contest’ for the category? Basically, we’re talking about otherwise normal people who just so happened to gain powers/abilities/talents above and beyond the normal.

Since mages like Kibbles aren’t considered part of this group (at least, not yet for Kibbles), A ‘magical’ phrase would not likely be proper.

In paper comics, terms like ‘mutants’ and ‘supers’ comes to mind, One must also remember there should be ‘not-so-proper’ terms (slang) as well. The paper comics got really inventive with slang.

But if the Uber is just the scarf… then the quest is over. The Uber has been found. This entire comic has just been the epilogue of the quest for the Uber that happened 10 years ago?

The quest can’t be over because this is a flashback of events gone by,
this is Sesame’s start her motives to make what was wrong Right again also to avenge the lives that were lost that day for that Uber

Exactly. Though her quest isn’t entirely revenge based, she has alot of questions too.
Along with looking for that missing someone…

well, we’ve not seen who’s missing from this scene yet. Sesame’s backstory (as told to Clare) isn’t quite finished yet.

I suspect Sesame will find her father dying and be told the invaders took her sister. Her quest will be to find her sister.

Normally, I’d say her sister would be found to have joined the “iron ward” (stockholm syndrome if not anything else) and ended up in charge due to her ability. That would be the normal progression of a story of this type, but that’s why I doubt it will happen here.

In stead, I rather hope one of her captors was enamored by her (fell in love) and helped her escape. So Sesame will discover the iron ward is also looking for her sister.

I was going to make a joke for the 100th page, but now I don’t think it’s appropriate.
OK, I’ve been working on this for a theory for a while now.First we start with a word: convenient. The route the group is taking is too convenient. First we have Kibbles that’s going to Northon for a trial. Then, somwehr along the way, Claires crashed pod is located. And there is that person of interest for Sesame in Wreston (or at least further down that road). When something seems too convenient, usually it’s because it is. Claire is whole other theory (lots of timey-wimey), so let’s put that on the side for now. The letter Sesame got and the woman who talked the guard out of arresting Kibbles had the same symbol on them. And earlier, Kibbles set those guys ablaze. She said it herself: she doesn’t recall doing anything that powerful. It was a setup. Someone is putting those two on the same path. So the questions are: why and who?
Earlier I’ve mentioned that there is a lot of evidence pointing that Kibbles could be the missing person of nobility Kylar is looking for. So her arrset could cause a political incident. And hell, she could have just payed her way out of that (unless Alder is that harsh about punishments). Plus she’s noble; she can kill anyone and get away whit it (’tis good to be the Thane :3). But she kept her cover, so she got arrested. And now she’s going to royal court. And also, there is Sesame who, evidenced by this page, is a witness to what really happened in the Akai isles the night of the massacre. So what if Kibbles is only their ticket into the royal court? What if the reason they’re going there is Sesame? If it is the rebels; then they have some harsh methods (killing an innocent guy just to get a girl in trouble. That’s low.) that make them as bad as the regime they’re fighting against (that is if the generic blue cat warrior is dead to begin with). Or it could be some other group that has yet to reveal themselves. I dunno. The point is that someone is trying to warn the king about the impending danger to his kingdom. Well that, or someone is looking for recruits.

The USA is considered a low power distance culture, so speaking from that perspective even if the royalty/ nobility can pay a fine to get out of jail for murder/manslaughter (which we can’t really establish took place given there is no physical evidence for anything except Kibbles healing spell causing a fire) we still insist there is a trial. As the Forever tv series has clearly demonstrated Americans cannot differentiate between royalty, celebrity, and nobility, we just know some people have 100 poker chips and others have 5. So, in that sense, social status is based more on luck than ability, family, or network. Plus, if Doonesbury has taught us anything, you can buy peerage, have a degrees in dentistry, business, pharmacology, become a journalist, professional football player, surfer, or model, and become a low level politician of Samoa, while running for governorship in California with a felony conviction, without stretching believability to absurd limits. This is especially believable if you win the lottery, you’re relatives are corrupt politicians, or they essentially run the college you are attending. Another good example of this sort of thing is in Forest Gump where the idea is you don’t even have to be fully conscious to live the american dream.

Fantasy is a cruel mistress, and the unspoken rule is one wouldn’t consciously take a belief in that opportunity away from a child; but, it occurs to me that you have an issue with plot convenience when it has all but been established that the UberQuest was over ten years before the current storyline (not the flashback because that would be silly). It hasn’t exactly been convenient for Claire and her robot companion, nor has it been convenient for Kibbles, the blacksmith, or Sesame. I mean, when was the last time you went on a quest to retrieve a broken time machine that was knocked into the next village by a low powered super villain before teaming up with a murderer and said super villain? In fact, Claire could easily be the Lex Luthor or megamind of her relative dimension in time and space, and her mother could just as easily be an evil extra terrestrial sent to take over their world like Invader Zim before she got distracted. Barlowe, whatever his name is, could just be a really pathetic heroic villain. Granted, I’ve seen no evidence that Claire or any of the others are genuinely evil, but I kind of look forward to seeing an inter dimensional superhero with the just world philosophy and mental acuity of a 12 year old Captain Marvel or Superboy Prime show up just to cause her trouble as well. As for the blacksmith, he looks like a proper black swordsman archetype, even though I can’t remember his name at the moment.

Mason is the name of the blacksmith guy, truthfully he hasn’t had much time to shine as of yet. Thank you for your insightful input! It’s always such a pleasure to reach posts like this. We are striving to make UberQuest the best we can to our abilities, being our first webcomic we’ve had some writing hiccups and are doing our best to learn from them. Plot-convenience – or at least overuse of it is something we are trying to avoid and thus far haven’t done as well as we should have. As the story progresses, hopefully things will seem less convenient for our protagonists. Making a story cohesive and tying up every thread is difficult and I have a great respect for authors – more so then I used to prior to beginning the comic.

I’m a bit confused on a few points you made, saying ‘UberQuest has been over for 10 years..’ ? I’m not following here, Sesame’s backstory has had some jump in time showing her growing up -ect, but the current flashback is only a few weeks ago compared to the current time-line.

I was just saying something I thought I noticed. If being a Doctor Who fan thought me anything it is to never ignore a coincidence (unless you’re busy. Then it’s alright to ignore a coincidence). I saw a pattern and I thought: conspiracy. And I only said that the route they’re taking is somewhat convenient. Everything else: not so much. And as for the money thing: from what I understood, that world is based on the Middle Ages. Back then, the nobility enjoyed a high social status and could do anything if they were rich enough. while the rest of the people were left to fend to themselves. Or maybe both of us are overthinking the whole thing.

Wow, that is quite a theory! I’m so glad you did this analysis and the feedback is always great to read. I won’t give away any spoilers because obvious reasons. I will say this, all will be revealed in due time! While it does help point out some errors in our writing method, we will be striving to improve it to bring you guys the best story possible. Certainly we don’t want things too predictable or easy for our protagonists, as that wouldn’t nearly be as fun to read.

I wasn’t attempting to imply anything was predictable or easy for the protagonists. Kittyfan was the first to mention that If the scarf is the Uber, and it has been retrieved, then the UberQuest is over. . . I see the current storyline as the one with Mason and the ladies multitasking by protecting the caravan of goods, while retrieving Claire’s time pod, and heading towards the Courthouse, or house of lords, or whatever for Kibbles trial. There’s plenty of Narutoesque action that could happen between, and if they weren’t approached by brigands, monsters, mobs, or natural disasters I’d be surprised.

Cr1ms0n T1ger was the one who couldn’t make a joke out of what was going down, as it were, because they felt the plot was too convenient. In my humble opinion the story seems about on track for a melodrama. I don’t think all of the protagonists coming off as villains by virtue of the othello error is a writing mistake, in fact I think it’s intentional and a good setup for a cassandra’s truth story. And, not that I’m responsible, but I kind of lost track when T1g’s offered her suggestion to put Claire on the sidelines for a while, for presumably being about as complex as Dr. Who in an episode of Torchwood, in favor of discussing the symbolism of the letter and the ‘true meaning’ or conspiracy behind the reasons for Sesame’s presence (i’m not exactly clear on that one) and the how if not why or why not do this.

So, I tried to process what information T1g’s was looking for, or possibly suggesting, because of the really garbled context of what I was reading. The first thing I noticed, or made sense to me, was the suggestion about Kibbles should have a license to kill by virtue of being of noble birth. It seemed like a complaint, and I suggested that people like to see justice whether or not the homicide was justified, circumstantial, or accidental. And, since I’m not a fan of weasel words or playing games when being direct and honest will do the trick I used examples form media to demonstrate (poorly) how low power distance works within the confines of a game. The thing about plot convenience also seemed like a complaint that didn’t really bother me as in all likely hood the probability of something going wrong or pear shaped is pretty high. Not to mention if the main story bridges flashbacks as well, i see no reason this series has to be anymore complex than a clipshow or creepshow. It’s only when you nest a flashback within a flashback that a line gets crossed. The story has very nostalgic monster rancher feel to it that I very much enjoy.

Besides, I really do like the idea of not quite villains teaming up to fight the hubris of the just world hypothesis. It would be a first of its kind in comic book history, since comics are heavily invested in the status quo. The fact that all the not quite villains are mostly female ads a unique touch as well.

I wasn’t complaining at all. The plot’s awesome. What I meant was:
– Back when, in the Medieval times, the nobles could do pretty much anything and get away with it (think of Skyrim, if you’ve played it. Become the Thane of all the holds, and you can do anything you want). Kibbles could have used her status to get out of trouble, but she didn’t. That jut shows that she’s a good person that is ready to deal with the consequences of her actions (that is if she is nobility to begin with).
– Only the path was convenient. Nothing else.
– Claire is whole different theory by herself, so that’s why I put her aside. The theory I was talking about had nothing to with her.
And the joke I was thinking of making was about the 100th page, nothing to do with the plot itself.

A true joke would be if Claire’s mom was a vain teenage superhero, or sorceress, who traveled back in time in order to stop a great threat of evil from altering the future before Claire was born. She then teamed up with Vincent, in some nefarious scheme to take out the innocuous evil of whatever threat that threatens justice, after misidentifying Claire and the gang as the source of all her and Valmont’s troubles, failures, or shortfalls. Claire becomes the prime target for her mother’s aggression, because Claire either knows her mother’s personality that well, or her mother reported on herself in her series of harry potteresque fantasy novels and bedtime stories. Of course, in the future after the evil threat that threatens the future has been neutralized, Claire’s mom returns to her own timeline, world, reality, or whatever and meets Claire’s dad. Later, when she realizes her Claire is the same Claire that defeated her in the past, she travels back in time as an adult for undisclosed reasons and seeks revenge, because a villain’s reasons for doing things don’t have to make logical sense.

Well, I’m a story junkie. And that theory isn’t the only one I have. You know a storyline is good when you’ve got people hatching crazy theories about it.
And I really can’t say the comic’s plot is predictable. As I’ve said earlier: I worked on this for awhile.
And congratulations on 100 pages. I really like your comic, and I’m looking forward to future content.

that was very interesting. all the ‘text-wall’ replies were also very interesting.

I have been working on a theory, myself. My theory is Claire’s little robot ‘child’ has been through this ‘time frame’. In Proto’s mind (or artificial equivalent), the forthcoming trip has already happened AND WILL HAPPEN.

so the stages are:
First, Claire’s pod DID travel in time bringing Claire and Proto (notice I didn’t say ‘back in time’)

Second, Claire and Proto experiance their separate adventures in this time frame

Third, reunited, They encounter another ‘being’ of obvious (or not-so-obvious except to Claire) technological expertise. That being eventually explains to Claire the repercussions of her first trip in the pod (like the destruction of her interstellar society) and helps her repair the pod.

Fourth, the new (ungraded) Proto is sent back in time to just after the great disaster the first trip caused. This time, the pod’s activation does NOT cause destruction because there isn’t a high-order living organism in it.

Fifth, the new Proto sets up itself as a being of immense knowledge/power (at least, compared to the survivors of the great destruction) and helps the society survive

Last, after Proto has been operating here more than 700 years, here comes Claire and company

Interesting. I’ve analysed the plot, and I’ve found that Claires presence there and then is very important. Well, there is no evidence that proves what time period she’s in. It could be her past or future. Hell, it could even be her present, but just on another planet (think about the Stargate series). But if it is the future, as you say, what does that make magic? And those artifact could actually be advanced paleo-tech. And Proto setting himself(itself?) as a god is an amusing idea… ALL HAIL PROTO.

If this is a Flintstone future, magic is any technology sufficiently advanced that it belongs to the great Gazoo… and if the great Gazoo is proto then anything made by Claire would not only be ancient tech, but holy grail material or materiel if the technology consists of imperial arms.

maybe “magic” is just an energy certain members of the present population has learned to harness with mental control. This would be an energy/ability the people of Clare’s time frame ‘learn’ from a very young age they are not supposed to have.

after the ‘great destruction’ caused by her first pod trip, certain members of the population either forgot that lesson or never learned it.

in truth, that ‘lesson’ is something I believe in for the RL human population.

Or they could have been affected by whatever destructive force caused that apocalypse in the first place. Think of it this way: Claires pod broke the barrier of time-space (or whatever) which released a certain energy into that world. That energy destroyed and/or altered many aspects of that world. That explains how Claire didn’t recognize it. Even by the moons, or the wildlife. Something should have reminded Claire that that’s the world she grew up on. But she didn’t. Eventually, when society started to recover, people with a certain genetic makeup found a way to tap into that energy. Those people became mages.

But what bugs me is that in Claires time they had inter-stellar travel. If there was a cataclysm, someone should have checked on them. Unless the planet was locked in a carnitine…

In star trek, the reason could also be called “the prime directive” (hint, hint). also, who said this planet was known in Claire’s time by those in her society?

the reasons it would NOT be known (and why Proto would last for 700 years as an “Iron Ward”-robot-) would fill this page with a wall of text… no matter how much her society had explored the galaxy

I am sometimes struck by the (very human) arrogance of people when they declare a society capable of interstellar travel is interested in the population of this little mudball. my only question to them would be “WHY?”

Claire hasn’t really been anywhere in this adventure, yet. Her travels thus far would be like someone going from Dallas to Fort Worth (if even that far). She has no basis to know Sesame’s world based on her own experiences.

If there is anything in THIS society to remind Claire of her own, it would have to be VERY pervasive (such as the language) for Claire to notice it already. The fact Claire was able to communicate so readily when she exited the pod says a lot. Of course, this could be explained by some little device or implant Claire has. Claire herself could explain this when she tells Sesame (and us) her own backstory (hint, hint)

another thing, who said a ‘year’ would be the same length for this society as it is for us or for Claire’s society? imagine if this society’s planet has an orbit and/or rotation like Mars, not like earth. How long would one of their years and/or days be then? We only assume they base their ‘year’ on their planet’s orbit. Notice Claire doesn’t wear a watch or any other device which tracks time.

there is so much assumed by Clare (and us) as we learn about Sesame’s society, I really have to wonder when and where those assumptions will bite.

And thus now the name of the comic makes sense! nice reveal for the 100th… also congrats on reaching the 100th! Not a small feat to achieve.
Also now that it is established it being a powerfull artifact… i wonder if it has anything to do with the artifacts mentioned before… 😛

can’t believe it has been over a year already since the start of this comic. It still feels like it was a mere few months ago when it was announced. Time passes by quickly these days.

Where can i buy an “Uber” ?

I have a verse for this little quest, similar to LOTR.

A red thread runs weary into the night.
Strength and blood bathed in blade
Darkness and light
Tears without a nod

Upon a night’s flame
A quest shall ensue
Trying to find an identity that’s true
Waking up to a world that’s never new

The beginning shall also don a unlikely of six
A bearer of the battle, a believer of kindness, and a soul of misery
A honorary of duty, a Samaritan of heart and a shell of hidden pain
May the quest bring their humble and bravery at bay

In their way, many obstacles stand upon them
A greed of impurity
A destiny meant for death
and a false priority

I first started reading this comic as a link off of Two Kinds. When I first started it, I was worried that it would be another comic based on overused troupes. I am sooo happy that I have stuck with it. I now love the story, and I can’t wait for the next installment, and actually became a Patreon for the first time.

Congratulations on making it to 100. Can’t wait for the next 100

Thank you SO much for your input! We are working really hard to make this comic enjoyable for you and everyone. :3 We’re glad you stuck with us and just reading the comic gives us a ton of support! I don’t mean to gush.. but it’s readers like you that push us to keep the comic going strong.

I truly don’t think you need encouragement to create a good comic. You wouldn’t enjoy doing less than your best.

That said, your best is very damn good and improving steadily.

I am looking forward to the next 100 pages and maybe sticking another “0” on the end of that number.

I disagree with the statement that you don’t need encouragement. Positive input beyond what is critical, or helpful, fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling that boosts your self confidence and strengthens your self concept. Plus, somebody letting you know that something you made lifted their spirits is almost orgasmic.

I don’t believe anybody creates anything that’s less than the best they can do with the tools and resources uniquely available to them at any particular time. And, if I insisted on telling someone something they already knew, beyond of course explaining why I dislike a relationship because it seems like the characters are not well suited to each other after someone suggested they be shipped, or tried to use humor to diffuse a aggressive statement, I’d be slapped worse than an italian greeting a close friend. Hell, I’d be slapped anyway just on principle.

That said, I find it ironic that people can expect improvement as they find ways to degrade or question the quality of a work of art while offering a backhanded compliments and acting like effort, time, money, and god knows what else are immaterial save the bottom lines. in that case, you should be happy that someone else can still appreciate the immaterial enjoyment of the moment and leave them alone.

After all, you can still digest part of their soul with or without the contract. Their’s no reason to arrest their artistic development or jail them in purgatory just yet. You should wait until their vanity claims them first, then act as the voice of reason or compare them to a child. After all, a professional gets paid, but a true artist knows when to kill their ego. You’re doing them a great disservice by taking away part of what forms their pathology and strokes their ego while it lives.

And, if you can’t actually give warm fuzzies, you should at least use your brown stamps to offer better quality plastic ones. The barrier is already down. You don’t need to drain all their creative energy, just yet, you sadistic little imp.

Aside from everything else, this page shows us where/when Sesame found out the scarf was resistant to fire.
I don’t know why but this little bit of info and the way you’ve presented it really tickled my fancy. Good job.
Also, 100 pages! It’s awesome to see that this is still going strong and looks to only be getting stronger. Great work the both of you!

wow love how this page came out, now for my set of demands ~unrolls the uber scroll of demands~ we the lovers of this comic require….catnip and shrubbery. {i am not kidding i really loved the page and you can see the hard work you both did on this page, thank you}

Ok, The “Iron Ward” seems to be vicious and searching for something called the “Uber”. They are looking for “it”, so they are certain the uber is an item, not a person. Are they correct? Sesame seems to think so.

So we now have a girl with super-strength powered by her emotions and a powerful/intelligent item teamed with a technological genius, a powerful (but mostly untrained) mage, and pacifist hulk.

Nothing can go wrong… not a thing.

Interesting that all 3 shown members of Iron Ward are blonde, I wonder if that is a coincidence or if it bares some significance for them…now everytime I see someone with blonde hair in the comic my eyes will narrow with suspicion!

I don’t think they’re all blonde, in the 6th panel, where we can see their backs as they walk away the 2 in the middle are blonde but there are 2 others at the edges of the frame, one has green hair and the other has red. Of course, we cant see any symbol on them but they appear to be dressed similarly to the others and they aren’t fighting the marked ones so I’m guessing they’re aligned with them.

This calls for another song…. (to the tune of “Be My Little Baby Bumblebee”)

Be my little Baby Fennec-Taur!
Like a Mini-Me, but so much more!
Let us spend the happy hours, testing all your Mutant Powers:
We’ll be a force that no-one can ignore!
Be my little Baby Fennec-Taur;
All Mad Science ever waited for!
We can rule the World, you see, making monsters, you and me,
But you’ll still be my little Baby Fennec-Taur! 7@=e

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